Benefits of B-BBEE Verification

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Benefits of B-BBEE Verification

Reap the countless rewards of BEE compliance.

BEE Benefits

  • Businesses will get preferential procurement from the Government, parastatals and the private sector.
  • BEE is part of South Africa’s economic growth strategy.
  • Essential for government licensing eligibility or licensing renewals.
  • Businesses can submit tenders and supply a Scorecard as required.
  • Small companies can compete against big companies as suppliers.
  • Productivity and profit increase as well as a vital contribution to the growth of skills and social capital in South Africa
  • Access to government incentives and business support.
  • Businesses get BEE points when they do business with other BEE compliant businesses.

BEE Misconceptions

  • Incorrect information communicated to businesses has resulted in a fear of BEE as a threat.  We, being as BEE company ourselves, realise the benefits of BEE compliance and view BEE in a very positive light.  BEE is a business tool that leads to growth.
  • Most businesses focus on the elements of ownership and management on the BEE Scorecard.  Unfortunately, this narrow based approach lead to the bad image of BEE and gave rise to the fear that transformation is all about giving away shares.
  • We will assist you to utilize the other elements on the scorecard to your benefit.  These elements are Skills Development, Socio Economic Development  and Enterprise and Supplier Development (which includes Procurement).  These elements will ultimately make a difference to South Africa’s growing economy.
  • We know that BEE is not just a paper exercise and it will not just ride off in the sunset!
  • Let us assist you to reap the countless benefits of BEE compliance.